Appropriate use of energy is critical in today’s world and Henderson’s believe the best way we can contribute to your energy saving home is to ensure that your building’s fabric has exceptional insulation values and precision detailing at every stage.

Henderson’s work includes using the very latest in new building methods and materials that have the extra added value of being highly thermal efficient which ultimately benefit from low long term running costs whilst having a lower carbon footprint than other forms of building. By using an alternative building fabric will not change the required aesthetics’ of your home, you won’t even know it is there until you receive your low utility bill.

Our ‘fabric first’ approach such as using Kingspan TEC® building system which delivers superior low U vales is just one area in which we have embraced. Unparalleled energy efficiency combined with high build-speed and the low site wastage make the Kingspan TEC® Building System a very cost effective way of achieving compliance with recently revised Building Regulations which now include Target Emission Rate (TER) and Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE). This system of building meets all these objectives whilst clearly benefiting our clients by reducing the overall household energy demand by up to 60%, year in, year out

Henderson’s, wherever practical, will construct your building using high energy efficient, low environmental impact materials and we take our commitment to reducing our impact on the enviroment very seriously. We believe we can do this without compromising on our commitment to cost-effective building

We actively encourage our clients to consider sustainability and environmental issues