We offer a range of services and our personalised approach ensures that your building needs are planned and accomplished to your specifications. Typically, many builds involve six phases, which we have outlined in detail further below.

• Briefing and Design
• Costing & Build Program
• Planning Permission
• Contract
• Building
• Completion

Each phase is a mutually agreeable step and we aim for you to be involved at every point if you so wish. We are however, happy to advise on any stage of your project – just contact us with any specific requests.

Phase 1: Briefing and Design

This is the crucial stage of your build. Your plans, dreams and desires for your building project are central to the success of the development. We ensure that we take the time to understand your needs. We can advise on the latest thinking in sustainability and environmental issues helping you to decide upon materials that can potentially create long term financial benefits.
We can then provide you with a basic design and dialog to ensure that you are happy that your requirements are met. Once in agreement we can then pass the design to our trusted architect partners who will provide detailed drawings.


Phase 2: Costing & Build Program

Once the plans are agreed we will create a full costing with detailed specifications. All of this will be discussed for agreement on a line by line basis. We always provide full transparency – there are no hidden costs. A program can then be established with guaranteed updates and milestones as agreed by you. All costings are clear and evident, any specification changes will be agreed with you in advance.


Phase 3: Planning Permission

Once plans and costings are agreed, we will submit the plans to the local authority for approval. Typically we will already have had discussions with the planning department regarding your project and this usually enables us to have an indication of any requirements from the local authority. We will usually have permission granted within 8-12 weeks of submission of the plans.

Phase 4: Contract

Once we have had planning permission granted we will formalise a contract with you. We will explain all of the available options to the forms of contracts and when you are happy to proceed we can have a contract formally agreed and signed by both parties. This contract represents a binding agreement encompassing price, programme of works, completion date, full specification and payment arrangements.
Payment arrangements are agreed in advance and payments are usually made in agreed stages in arrears for work completed. This may be fortnightly or monthly and are often based upon agreed percentages of the build costs or as a proportion of the value of the work completed to date, spread equally across the length of the build program. Whatever the case, these are agreed in advance so you have full transparency of the conditions of the contract.


Phase 5: Building

Once we reach this phase and we can start work, you will start to see the fruition of your plans. We will commence the work with any demolition requirements and the construction phase will start. As agreed in previous phases, regular progress meetings will take place with you. This will enable you to keep up to date with the development and provide you with opportunities to discuss any variations you require as the build progresses.


Phase 6: Completion

Once the construction phase is complete, we will obtain all of the relevant final certificates from your Local Authority Building Inpector. We will then arrange a meeting with you to handover the finished project – this will involve complete explanations of all equipment installed, and all guarantees. Together, our building team will complete a thorough inspection with you to ensure you utmost satisfaction. Anything that doesn’t meet you requirements will be addressed straight away.


Extended Services – Quality Assured

We want you to be completely happy with our work. To this end, if you choose to, we offer a free post-build inspection visit approximately 6 months after completion. This exceptional service ensures that we can ensure your satisfaction with the inclusion of repair of minor shrinkage, cracking etc. that naturally develops after a new build.

Bespoke Service

If you are looking to build your own home, extending your existing home or planning any other building project in the East Midlands and you are looking for an experienced building contractor to turn your ideas, dreams or plans into reality then Henderson’s can administer a project right from the outset and can provide the solutions. We have an extensive record of quality building projects and thrive on helping you achieve your vision.
It is often the case that our clients have been granted planning permission, have detailed drawings and they have building regulations consent. If this is the case for your project, Henderson’s will be able to take on the project from this stage and initiate the build stage.

Whatever your needs, however big or small your project is – we aim to assist and advise you to realise your vision.

To discuss your requirements please call Henderson’s on 0800 471 4874 or use our contact form to send your details and we’ll call you back at a convenient time.